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Detroit Cup - Latest News


2021 Detroit Cup commences with 8 flights completed

DEtroit - 19 August 2021 - Today had a promising start to the Bayview Yacht Club's 2021 edition of the Grade 2 Detroit Cup, second stop on the GRAND SLAM tour, with 8 flights completed in the first stage of the event. Six teams from the GBR, IRL, NZL, and the USA are in attendance this year, with a lot of young new talent on hand to compete in BYC’s fleet of equally-matched Ultimate 20’s.

This talent includes Ryan Seago (USA), Alastair Gifford (NZL), James Pinder (GBR), Ansgar Jordan (USA), Ruari Finnegan (IRL), Sam Bartel (USA) and all of their crews.

These teams are so young that Seago, 2018 winner of the D Cup and not far out of college at the time, commented “This is the first time I’ve been the oldest skipper at this event!”

The venue at BYC is outstanding for spectator interest, being situated on shore just a few meters from the race course. Teams sailing on the favored shoreline side of the upwind leg pass just a few boatlengths away in full view of the shoreside spectators, a unique feature of this event.

The day started with light air and a forecast for much of the same all day, yet into the second flight of the first round robin the easterly breeze picked up enough to complete this round and three flights of the next round before fading out in late afternoon.

Racing will continue tomorrow through Sunday and include more round robin racing, followed by Semi-Finals and Finals on Sunday.

The other events in the GRAND SLAM Series are the Chicago YC/CMRC Invitational, the Oakcliff International, and the Thompson Cup hosted by Seawanhaka Corinthian YC in Oyster Bay, New York. Among other things, the winner of the GRAND SLAM series earns a qualification spot at the Congressional Cup at Long Beach YC.

Results after 8 flights:

1. James Pinder (GBR)          6 points

2. Ryan Seago (USA)6

3. Alastair Gifford (NZL)         5

4. Ruairi Finnegan (IRL)         3

5. Ansgar Jordan (USA)         2

6. Sam Bartel (USA)   1

Detailed results: www.matchracingresults.com/2021/detroit-cup/

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